The Netherlands



Are you ready to storm the European market? Then it is efficient if your stock is located at one strategic location. The Netherlands is the perfect country for this! Thanks to the central location and good (road) connections with other European countries, your products can be transported quickly from the Netherlands to the rest of Europe. Furthermore, the country has quick custom clearances and various favourable arrangements, such as the opportunity of Fiscal Representation for companies in countries that do not belong to the European Union.

In contrast to most other EU member states, the Netherlands has instituted a system that provides for the deferment of VAT at the time of import. Instead of paying VAT upon importation into free circulation within the EU, the payment can be deferred to a periodic VAT return. Under this system, the VAT at import should be declared, but the amount can be deducted on the same return. The bottom line is that there is no actual payment of VAT at import so that you can realize cash flow and interest-earning benefits.